Setting up Pycharm for use with MotionBuilder

In the 2020 version of MotionBuilder, there’s a python interpreter MoBuPy.exe that you can run standalone and I really wanna use it in PyCharm. The same thing you can do with mayapy.exe and it works great!

When I try and setup mobupy.exe I get an error “Invalid Python Interpreter”.

Also I heard,
If you make a symbolic link called python.exe and points it to mobupy.exe it works with pycharm

example: mklink python.exe mobupy.exe

How do you do this mklink, in Pycharm? and where?

Any help would be great.

mklink is a Windows command - mklink | Microsoft Docs

So you can use that command to make a symlink using cmd.exe. Once you do this, Windows will show a new python.exe alongside mobypy.exe.

You can then use this in PyCharm.

Idunham1 many thanks for your help! :slightly_smiling_face:

I suspect this goes deeper than just needing a symlink. the motion builder python interpreter may not act the same way as the vanilla python executable.

what does mobupy.exe --help output?

sometimes these vendors in their infinite wisdom decide to change some sort of core behavior and it breaks everything :frowning:

Hey! Sorry to revive an old thread, but were you ever able to set up Pycharm with Mobu? I’ve been trying with the 3.7 interpreter + symlink method and it’s not working :frowning: