Senior Unreal Technical Artist | Jobs at Yaak - Permanent employee, Full-time · Berlin/Remote

Senior Unreal Technical Artist | Jobs at Yaak - Permanent employee, Full-time · Berlin/Remote
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Yaak is developing a driver coaching platform (SafetyOS) that prioritizes safety. Partnering with our driving school customers around the world, we codify into SafetyOS their decades of experience in scoring, detecting, explaining and correcting human driving. We actually don’t do anything with yaks.


The year 2007 heralded new possibilities in autonomous driving. The excitement wasn’t unfounded of course. We had solved driving in the rugged terrain of the Mojave Desert, with no internet connection and without supervision. Full Self-Driving seemed like a few years away. A decade, a deep learning revolution, and many $B later we are still waiting for it, if/when it’s unaffordable.

At Yaak we asked ourselves how to go about building AI that is provably safe. How can we bake trust into it from grounds up? Instead of building a classic AV stack, why not build a safety-first driving platform that can score, detect, explain and correct human driving with high precision before it’s allowed on public roads.

What is the place of Simulation in all this?

Our in-vehicle VR simulation kit not only scores many points in bullshit bingo for its fancy name, it also allows driving schools to provide an enriched, overarching learning experience for the students, which in turn allows us to generate more valuable data to develop and improve our SafetyOS. It provides efficient learning experiences specific to the schools’ regions and tailored to the student’s progress, adding to the normal driving experience by providing a safe and fun way of learning how to drive.


As a Unreal Technical Artist in the Simulation Team

  • You work together with other technical artists, engineers, 3D artists and technical and level designers to build the VR simulation client
  • You are helping to marry real world data, simulation/training systems and classic fictional world building approach into a lovely pipeline relationship
  • You are analyzing, optimizing and documenting the simulation for achieving the best visuals and rock solid performance in VR on our hardware targets
  • You are contributing to other systems and functionality where needed
  • You are vital for leveraging a small team to achieve grand output
  • You see where your colleagues struggle and lend them a helping hand whenever possible
  • You know how to plan your upcoming work in agreement with your colleagues’ needs

You won’t see hard requirements here for certain degrees or exact years of experience because we know everyone has their own unique journey. If you’re brilliant at your craft, and are either an experienced collaborator or motivated to learn and excel at it, we’ll know it when we see it.

You have:

  • Expert knowledge in Unreal 4 with focus on art and content creation
  • Solid understanding of content optimization techniques and realizing target visuals and performance on limited target hardware
  • Relevant participation on at least one shipped video game / simulation or comparable application

Big plus for:

  • Relevant experience in performance profiling
  • Relevant experience in building functionality with blueprints
  • Relevant experience in building environments for VR applications
  • Experience using low poly and minimalistic visual approaches
  • You have worked in a distributed team for an extended period of time

Bonus points for:

  • Having worked on a driving game/simulator before
  • Experience with stylized game art
  • Competitive compensation package with employee stock options program
  • Yearly public transport ticket and mobility bonus
  • Flexible work-from-home policy (even when the world is pandemic-free)
  • Quarterly off-site somewhere in the world, to regroup with the team and plan
  • Work in an international team full of talented, chill and cooky people
  • Visa and relocation support

Distributed-first perks

  • Free access to corporate apartment in Berlin (Yaak HQ)
  • Company credit card for managing regular travel to Yaak HQ

Yaak is committed to fostering diversity and inclusion. We want you on our team — no matter your ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability, or if you’re currently parenting the next world leader. It’s our belief that the best work gets done when one feels appreciated, supported and are their most authentic self.

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