Senior Tools Programmer (realitycapture) (r22935) - Epic Games

Hi All,

Capturing Reality is now part of Epic Games. I’m working with their leadership team to hire a Senior Tools Programmer.

This role is super cool, essentially as a programmer, you will work to design and develop the UI for the Reality Capture product editor which is a Photogrammetry software application.

Don’t worry. You don’t need to have experience with photogrammetry for this position. You can consider it as a magical black box that is able to convert many images of an object into textured 3D mesh that you can actually print on your 3D printer or use as an asset in game or movie.

We’re looking for an experienced C++ Programmer who is passionate about developing highly optimal algorithms and top-class 3D Graphics features, innovations and tools for our application.


  • Advanced C++ programming skills
  • Hands on experience with 2D or 3D editor tools development
  • Experience with DirectX or OpenGL
  • Ability to design complex modules and architectures
  • Ability to design optimal algorithms with respect to CPU/GPU and memory.

The core team is located in Slovakia, however, we are open to discussing this opportunity with candidates across Europe and the UK. You can work remotely or hybrid remote.

if you are interested in this opportunity or know someone who would be then please do not hesitate to contact me via [email protected].

I’m also available on the Tech Art Slack channel :grin:

At Epic we are focused on building a great Talent community so I’d be delighted to meet you, if only to discuss all things Tech Art, Graphics, Animation and Games… ooo! and music production … I love music production :musical_keyboard:

I look forward to hearing from you!



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