Senior Technical artist for Netease

Hiring Technical Artist for a Post-Apocalyptic Console game.console game for a top Chinese game company ,
the studio is located in Shanghai China, and the project is going to be a AAA title.
**Job descri Job description

  1. Research the use of various tools for the production of fine art content in game projects;
  2. Familiar with and study the use of various functions of the game engine;
  3. Fully understand the needs and problems in the development of all aspects of fine arts, and provide sufficient technical support;
  4. Continuously maintain the game art content development process, specifications, and use of engine tools according to changes in planning, art, and procedures in project development
  5. Promote follow-up programming and maintenance of game engine functions (art-related) use, technical documentation for game art resource development;
  6. Can effectively cooperate with arts and procedures to formulate various effect optimization schemes for the project.
    Job requirements
  7. Bachelor degree or above, good art professional ability, high aesthetic ability, proficient in game art development process and specifications;
  8. Have sufficient understanding of the working methods of planning and procedures, can better develop projects in collaboration with planning and procedures, and assist in solving technical problems between art and procedures;
  9. Able to maintain good communication and cooperation with the staff of each department in the team, have good logical thinking ability, good at management and self-management, have strong motivation for self-ability, and ability to resist pressure
  10. Proficient in 3D art content production tools, including: 3DMax, Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop, etc .;
  11. Proficient in at least one mainstream game development engine, such as: UnrealEngine, CryEngine, Unity3D, etc .;
  12. Familiar with at least one scripting or programming language, such as: MaxScript, C ++, UnrealScript, Mel, etc .;
  13. At least 2 years and above working experience in technical arts. Those with large-scale next-generation game project development experience are preferred.
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