Selection of Cebas 2019 Thinking Particles Film Visual Effects Scenes

Selection of Cebas 2019 Thinking Particles Film Visual Effects Scenes
VFX Showcase Selection - thinkingParticles

cebas FX Reel - most recent 2018-2019 selective (known) shots with thinkingParticles 6.

Some amazing shots from ScanlineVFX: ‘Midway’ aerial fight; ‘Gemini Man’ store shoot-out, stuff breaking; ‘X-Men Dark Phoenix’ disintegration and warping, ‘Captain Marvel’ tesserac cube blue energy shot. ScanlineVFX TV series ‘Game of Thrones’ Kings Landing destruction, TV series ‘Stranger Things’ season 3, 'Spider-Man: Far from Home, ‘Aquaman’ the deep trench shot, San Andreas (too good not to repeat) waves and bridge destruction, …

Portion of BottleshipVFX (Sophia) amazing large scale shots from China-based movie: ‘Shanghai Fortress’ and ‘The Wandering Earth’.

FuseFX television series FX shots: ‘Luke Cage’ punching and breaking wall. Some of Tokyo Square-Enix - Stealthworks best game and TV FX shots: ‘Final Fantasy Kingslaive’, ‘Evangelion - Another Impact’.

An one upcoming vibrant young studio from Belgrade, DigitalKraft, commercial V/FX : ‘Alpha flight’ on channel Super 78. As well as cherry-picks from Encore VFX, Burbank television series fx: ‘Flash’ - multiple shots.

Follow and Lookout in 2020 for the actual breakdowns (still under NDA for now). Cebas would like to thank each and everyone of the studio / FX lead and crew artists in making this selection possible for initial showcase. All Rights Reserved.

For more info about thinkingParticles current Drop 8 launched Open VDB 35 powerful, new operators : or write to [email protected] Look out for the next Drop 9!

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