Searching a good tutorial for Game Facial Rigging



Hi guys,
After studing a good rig body setup for games now I would like to learn how to rig a full joint setup for th face.
Do you know any good online video tutorials? free or with subscription is the same. I found one by Eat3D but it is eight years old. I don’t know if the techniques were improved during these years.
Any suggestion?


For me, DigitalTutors, or Pluralsight now, has a plethora of advanced facial rigging courses that you can learn from and decide how to use that knowledge to make your own facial rigging system. There’s never been an end-all-be-all tutorial for a face, since it’s usually client / personal preference on which bits to use for a certain project anyway. Let me know if this helps!


Yes I’ve seen there is a joint based tutorial on pluralsight.
Mostly because I would make a facial setup to use then with FaceFX.


“The Art of Moving Points” lays out how to build the structure of a face rig. He uses weight containers in Modo, but you can adapt the shapes he makes with skinning in Maya. It is the most complete break down of an entire face, that is still adaptable to any style or technique that I’ve come across. The book seems targeted mostly to cartoon faces, but I used this book to help design a 100% joint-based face rig on The Division.

It isn’t easy to work through, but it is complete and powerful. (Just be warned, I think the book only works on Macos or iOS. I don’t know if you can read it on other platforms.)

Is your goal to learn game best-practices? Or to learn how to face rig from a beginner’s perspective? Or how to make it very realistic?

Either way, I highly recommend ngSkinTools if you are going to skin a face. It makes skinning subtle and complex areas a lot easier to manage. I wouldn’t skin a face (or anything, really) without it.

Edit: Facefx does support blendshapes too. And if you choose to use blendshapes, “Stop Staring” by Jason Osipa is also still a great book that has a good structure to base a face off of. And Maya’s Shape Editor is pretty nice to work with.