Run Nuke and execute a Python script


I am launching Nuke with a Python wrapper (so I load my tools via and in settings folder):

os.environ['NUKE_PATH'] = '{0}/tools/at_nuke/settings/'.format(at_root)
os.environ['AT_ROOT'] = '{0}'.format(at_root)

subprocess.Popen(['C:/Program Files/Nuke9.0v9/Nuke9.0.exe',  '--nukex'])

Is it possible to run a custom Python script after Nuke has been launched?
It is not a static code, that I need to execute every time. Usually, I just need to run Nuke within pipeline environment, but if I need to build a Nuke script for the shot comp, I wish to run some code after Nuke starts (which will save the scene with a proper name, create readers and other nodes, set Project Settings, etc.)

The task is the same as here but now I need it for Nuke instead of Maya.

Ok, let me rephrase initial question, how can I launch Nuke and open nuke script ‘C:/projects/avatar/comp/E010_S256_003.nk’?

Seems like the answer is:

subprocess.Popen(['C:/Program Files/Nuke9.0v9/Nuke9.0.exe', '--nukex' 'path/to/', 'arguments'])