Roland Emmerich's MIDWAY - Joe Scarr | ScanlineVFX, Montreal In-Depth FX Exclusive! Exclusive! Breakdowns

Joe Scarr talks about the FX setups Flowline and TP ScanlineVFX

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This is one of those exclusive interviews where you get to follow the work of an amazing veteran FX artist (and Supervisor): Joe Scarr of ScanlineVFX (Montreal) on one of the most epic of film productions for 2019: Roland Emmerich’s MIDWAY.

You are seeing exclusive Flowline, thinkingParticles setups that were used by Joe Scarr and his team in epic dynamic scenes in Midway. Flowline is a ScanlineVFX proprietary software.

Cebas did some catching up with Joe on what is the latest for him in Montreal. We had some humor along the way, quite tongue-in-cheek. And stay to the end for more bonus from Joe Scarr which he will announce on his You can also follow updates from both and

Joe Scarr showcased and spoke about the following scene effects setups:

  • aerial attack (opening shot): muzzle flashes, tracers (thinkingParticles Smoke Operator), road destruction (Volume Breaker), ‘TP leaves’, custom cutting tools, …

  • Aerial- Naval Attack: creating TP particles out of Maya data - detection of ship impacts, water hit detection, tracers connecting to colliders, Flowline-thinkingParticles explosion system, Flowline ‘ocean’, TDTool (off UI), smoke trails, XRef, XMesh, Asset Switching, Memory Operator … more than 100 terrabytes!

  • Wide Camera Aerial - Aircraft Carrier Attack: use of Flag Shells (Flowline), TP RGB sims for aircraft destruction, Flowline fires, plane attack scenes …

  • Aircraft Carrier Explosion: thinkingParticles-driven Flowline explosions, compositing layers, debris, TPBullet SoftBody, BT Joints, low-res cloth sim, new TP ShapeDeform operator for hires geom, Flowline splashes, Sim anchors TP export, …

  • Sailors Escape: thinkingParticles tracer smoke, spark hit tracers …

Joe Scarr also gave a quick preview of what is to be expected in the next lineup of movie visual effects upcoming in 2020 - lots of super projects from ScanlineVFX.

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