Rigging Portfolio

Hi Everyone

After University, I decided I wanted to go more towards the technical side of 3D e.g. rigging. For the past 4 months, I have been building on my existing knowledge of rigging systems dabbling in a bit of cod, and following tutorials online such as Antcgis youtube channel and others.

With that in mind, I want to create a portfolio around the work I have done to show off some of my personal Riggs that I have done at university and some of the new ones with the knowledge gained. However, I do not know how to approach this and so I was wondering if anyone had any advice on what people look for in a rigging artist portfolio. I have looked into animating some of the Riggs however I am not very good at this and so I do not feel like my animations will show the Riggs best. So I was wondering if there are any other approaches I can take to show off my Riggs in a show real or portfolio website.

If I were interviewing someone in this roll, I’d expect video’s showing the functionality of the rig, and either spoken / written description of the methodology behind why it was setup that way. I wouldn’t expect great animation on the reel, but if you have a friend that can use the rig & animate on it, that’s a nice way to show it off. If you wrote any sort of tools to proceduralize the process, same thing applies : What is the code, why was it made , and how was it used: what/why/how are great things to use when communicating your skills.

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Showing one or two interesting or unique control schemes is great, but I’ve seen too many “Wiggle all the controls” reels, and they frankly get boring. Don’t fall into that trap.

And technical skill is only one aspect of rigging. You’ve definitely gotta show off your deformations! You may not be an animator, but you need to at least recognize good silhouettes, because as a rigger you’ll essentially be in control of that.

Put your rigs in some poses. If you can’t come up with good poses on your own, then copy poses from movies, or tv shows, or your favorite game cutscenes.

And make the poses extreme: Do the Hadouken, Fist pumping “my team just scored”, Flopping backwards over a chair tired, curled into a ball scared, Superman’s flying pose, a karate side-kick… stuff like that.

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