Rez environment on deadline farm?

Hey folks,
I’m currently tinkering with rez for a proof-of-concept having DCCs launch in their respective rez environments.
I can resolve environments on artists machines and “bake” them into a context file. However I need to resolve the same environment for evry machine on our deadline farm.

The way I thought about this is to configure a PreJobScript for any job that has been submitted from a rezed environment that would read the context and resolve that environment. It does work but the actual render job does not run inside that env.
Any ideas on how to launch the render command in a rezed environment on farm machines?

The cheapest way, if you’re using the client submitter scripts you can pass this flag IncludeEnvironment=True


you mean adding that flag into the job file right?

Works like a charm!
Thanks :slight_smile:

@tweak or @luketheone can I get a hint on how to add IncludeEnvironment=True to the client submitter scripts?


+1 for using the current resolved environment. You want your farm environment to be 100% the same as the submission environment. Using a non timestamped rez-env on the farm means each frame can have a different software environment :crazy_face: