Reorg/rename most of p4 repo... can it be done without duplicating data?


I need to reorganize our Perforce repo… possibly with a renaming of a near root level folder. Is there any way I can do this without making a duplicate of almost the entire repo in the p4 history? Rename == delete+add. :frowning:


Renames/moves look a lot like a delete + add in your P4v changelists, but they are not the same. The server recognizes these as moves, and it will not duplicate tons of data in the “history” or on the server. The Perforce server is very smart about keeping shallow copies of files as they get moved, integrated, renamed, etc.

I think you can safely move/rename without any concern here.


Oh? That’s a huge relief. I’ll check in with our server admins, but that would make it a breeze. Thank you!