Recreating real world materials

Does anybody have experience in building accurate material representations in Vray and Maya (or other engines)?

I have a client with a big set of real material samples (e.g. one of the material is a paint which could have different colors). I need to build a workflow to bring those materials in the virtual environment (Vray in Maya). Those materials would be used to create CGI renderings of assets in different lighting conditions. The final images would be 8 bit (jpg, png) displayed on the screen.

As far as I understand, I need:

  • A consistent way of measuring material samples. We have a material scanner that can give me some data to work with (color, normal, specular). Is it the way to go?

  • Define Color Space in Maya. This is the hottest topic for me right now. Its been a while after I learn anything about color management. There was a clear statement: everybody should work in linear color space. And it was a lot of dancing with gamma correction for the viewport, textures, swatches, etc. At some point, Maya was able to handle linear workflow with its Color Management system… So is there a clear solution for Maya 2018(2019) for my case?

  • Define my light and camera settings somehow. Totaly out of any thoughts here, just wish to avoid extra complexity, like starting use exposure etc.

Im not sure if its out of scope but there are material scanners out there.

And a new one is coming from HP. Its still in defelopment.

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