Recommendation on furthering education as tech artist


I was wondering if anyone here could give any recommendations on any courses, books, websites, etc for furthering my knowledge and education in programming and anything tech art related. (I live in Chicago)

Just a little background on myself - I went to school for 3D Art. I was hired as a 3D artist at the company I currently work at. About a year and a half ago I started teaching myself Python (was pretty easy picking it up, i had taken a few courses for java, and C++ in college) through code academy, and learn python the hard way. My role changed a little and I started making some simple tools in maya for the artists. I of course had help from the tech artists working here, they acted like a mentor. Throughout the year I kept learning more about python and basic programming practices and I learned a lot about writing code in maya using Pymel, creating UI using pyside, communicating with perforce through python, and few other things. Today I spend most of my time creating, fixing, or improving tools in maya, and have been expanding a little bit outside of maya.

I am looking to further my education, but I am not sure how or where or what to be doing. The tech artists that were working here left so I have no one to turn to. Mostly everything I know is self taught from what I have found on the internet, and from what I have learned from the previous tech artists. I know I could probably use a better foundation on programming in general, but I also don’t know what else I should be learning, and what would be beneficial for me if I wanted to pursue this as a career.


Check out this post: It lists a lot of resources.