[QUESTION] Rigging Long Skirt


Hello everyone, I am stucked on the pipeline and this is urgent. My question is what is the best workflow to rig this kind of skirt? I tried ncloth but since it has thickness, it intersects with the inner side. I was thinking about lattice but I dont know how to set up lattice + joint system for this kind of skirt.

Thanks for your time everyone.


Make a proxy version of the mesh that is single sided. Constrain the top verts to the rig and add some collides for the legs. Once you get a simulation on the proxy that looks good use a wrap deformer to make the render version of the skirt follow the proxy mesh.


another nice way would be to use a the motion path to set distance between the moving joint and the leg. When the leg gets close to the joint position an driven key would kick in and move the dress.


Thanks guys!

I will now try the proxy method, will give you feedback.

And about the motion path method, what did you mean about the motion path? “Attach to motion path” option came to my mind but can you make it a little bit clearer if possible?


Worked fantastically man, thank you!


No prob duder. :cocktail: