[QUESTION] Oval Eye Rigging



Hello guys, I am in a proccess of R&D about non-spherical eye rigging. My thoughts are like model needs to be perfectly spherical, I create joints on the center of the eyeball, then do the skinning. After that, I would use lattice to deform the eye region and adjust the deformation order so eye deforms with joints, then lattice deforms on top of it. Is there an easier way to rig oval eyelids?


If the oval shape is simple, you can sometimes just scale a secondary group node or joint or cluster. You don’t necessarily need a lattice.

You forgot to mention what software you are using, but if you are using Maya, and driving any wraps, or surface nodes through the FFD, you might run into parallel-evaluation problems.

If you scale the eye, you’ll likely also want to find a way to anti-scale the pupil, or avoid distortion somehow.