[Python] HCom Maya <-> Houdini communication system

Hi all !

I’ve been looking at this forum for a bit of time now, but only as spectator :slight_smile: I’ve been learning a lot thanks to all useful posts I’ve found here. I thought it was time to share a bit of my work if anyone could be interested in a bit of python.
I’ve been working on a tool I call HCom, which is a client / server communication system written in python 2.7 with th rpyc library. It is kind of a chat system which allows you to send data throught local network from a software session to another.

What you can send for the moment is:

  • Alembic cache ( from/to Maya and Houdini )
  • Houdini digital assets ( from Houdini to Houdini, or Houdini to Maya if Houdini Engine is installed and loaded on Maya )
  • Mesh object in .bgeo (From/to Houdini ) and obj ( from/to Maya and Houdini )
  • Bitmaps ( from/to Maya and Houdini )
  • Text messages of course :slight_smile:

You can see some demo on vimeo here:

Houdini to maya demo: https://vimeo.com/127655675
Alembic support : https://vimeo.com/128033450
Houdini to Houdini demo ( older version ): https://vimeo.com/127091487

I am still working on it, and the next steps would be to create Nuke client as well as ( a lot of ) code cleaning and improvement:)

You can find help and more info here: http://guillaumejobst.blogspot.fr/p/hcom.html

And source code here: https://github.com/GJpy/HCom

Feedbacks much appreciated :slight_smile:


Looks amazing ! I’ll take a look ASAP !