Python GUI libraries

Wondering which library use for creating gui using python. Last I checked people were using pyqt, but was wondering if there were new developments. Thanks

Personal Experience:
Yep, still using Qt libraries. Specifically PySide2. Since both Max and Maya are built using Qt now, and Houdini has hou.qt, it just makes sense for our studio.

We’re also using the wrapper for legacy reasons (We used to use PyQt5, but we switched to PySide2). I may bring up to our team at some point, but there’s no real pressure for us to make that update, so it probably won’t happen.


Both Maya, Houdini and Nuke ship with PySide2 installed. At my current studio we are using a custom version of PyQt5. I would recommend to stick with PySide2 or use like @tfox_TD said.

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Thank you both for the feedback. I should make it clear that I am not tied to a software package. I just want to make a UI for my stand alone python tool.