PySide2/Maya embedded video player?


I’m was hoping to build a video player widget to have mocap ref video playing but I’ve hit a wall. After some digging, it looks like PySide has a Phonon module that has video support but alas, Autodesk does not package this in with QT (of course). The only widget that I have start, stop, pause slots/signals for is QMovie but that only support animated gif or mng. I’m being optimistic here that someone has the solution that would support native video formats such as mp4 or avi :slight_smile: I’m feeling the answer is I’ll have to compile PySide2 myself.


Keyframe pro has the ability to sync with a maya timeline. If that doesn’t provide the functionality you need, maybe there’s some still some insight into how it’s done here.


Umm, there is a Client Python API tied to it which is exactly what I need. Thanks for the suggestion!