PsDotNet - Photoshop C# library


Greetings, I wanted to let the community about a C# library that I have been working on that might be useful and of interest.

PsDotNet is a strongly typed, intuitive, C# library to assist in automating operations in Adobe Photoshop. It was created out of a need to use other C# libraries and external data to create art content.

Its currently in Beta and I would love to get more eyes on it to see where it might be improved. To get an idea of its capabilities feel free to take a look at the Getting Started documentation for some basic code snippets.

You can download the latest build from

Look forward to seeing what you think.


Sounds interesting. Will this be a commercial library and if yes, what price range/licensing options are we talking about ?


TBH, not sure yet. :slight_smile: Wanted to throw it out there and see if its useful to others and if there is any interest in it. The decision to make it commercial would largely revolve around how much time I would need to spend supporting it and such.
Feel free to send me your feedback\suggestions. [email protected].