Prevent flickering of wrap deformed mesh?


The main body is a driver to a wrap deformer to veins mesh underneath.
Currently, when I pose the body, it flickers due to the wrap deformer.

Is there a way to prevent this? Or is this a natural limitation with the setup?

Thank you for looking at my problem

You can see an illustration of the problem here:

I always question the use of wrap deformers. They are slow and heavy and 99% of the time they are not required.

In any of my tests, copying the skin weights results in an almost identical result. The only time you really “need” a wrap is when the inputs are unknown, like following dynamics or other solvers. Otherwise if you have fixed data incoming, like skinCluster and blendshapes, just copy that information to the geometry and kill wraps with fire.

Do you have any inputs that would prevent you from just copying weights?

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RE: ‘I always question the use of wrap deformers’

Thanks for the second opinion. I should just probably use copy weights. The reason why I opt for the wrap is there were a lot of uneven topology meshes, which is tricky to correct the skinning (after the copy weights). Think of the nerves inside the body.

Thanks again. Have a great day ahead!