Post your blog link!

I’m creating an aggregate blog feed. Please post a link to your blog so I don’t miss any good blogs for the feed. This will also be useful for other people that want to subscribe to the feeds themselves or add you to their blogroll.

I’ll start:

but don’t hold me to any rational thought or valuable information :slight_smile: (It’s usually about Unreal, shaders and workflows.)

it has hardly any content. i made it a year ago, forgot about it, and then this thread reminded me about it haha. So i made a quick post that would probably be zero help to most on here, but I made it for our animators @ work.

I’ve got tons of possible blog entries in text files… I just need to get a blog going. (anyone know a good wordpress anti spam plugin that’s easy to configure :wink: )

Mainly Maya / Python

I am not posting a lot… but i am planning to be more contributive soon :slight_smile:

QT and UI development / Design for now, a video per week is guaranteed:

(mostly Maya, Python, and Unity)

My personal website… some maxscript stuff and portfolio thingies.

This is where I dump knowledge when inspiration strikes :):

(old blog at

Mostly game education related with increased coverage of tech art moving forward.
mainly maya and python, with the occasional rant about other apps/languages.

not sure if this is actually worth including, but :

currently, just posting news of updates to my portfolio and gdc notes, in the future, interesting tidbits on anything I come across or am working on Currently embarking into the world of Python Tech Art.
Mostly PyQt and some misc stuff.
Currently just my Maya folio, but will be adding Python, .Net, Maya tutorials and interesting tech dabbling shortly.

~B) max / unity / random scripting / arch