Possibly got my first job


Hi guys,

So some of you may remember me, those who helped me on my portfolio presentation. Happy to report that I have been through a few interviews and I think I’m getting an offer. They called right as I was leaving school today to talk about salary. They told me that if they are going to give me an offer it would most likely be lower than what I asked for. They will get back to me in the morning.

That seems fairly standard, but I have no idea how to value you myself. Especially since it will be my first “Adult Job” and I do really want to work there. Without disclosing too much information I would be in a junior TD.

What would be a reasonable salary to ask for? Should I negotiate or just take what they offer and make it work.


I would grab the money, learn as much as you can in the first three month and have a second talk with your boss. After that you are in a better position to talk about the salery. You know how good you are compared to coworker. If you are working hard you will get money you deserve or look for an other job.


Jump on that train!
The starting salary could be lower than desired, true, but there is one! :smile:
But most important thing is that you have the chance to start a career and learn from a work environment, and trust me, nor book or school can teach you how to “survive” a real production :):wink:
Here in Italy where I live a first and paid employement in such a specific field is science fiction! So I can’t give you opinion about the salary but don’t miss the job… You can always, as said above, wait some months and ask.
Good luck!


Ok, I accepted the official offer!


Congrats. Your bargaining position is always a bit weak in that first job – but keep track of all your projects and accomplishments over the first year (and also go out of your way to build good relationships with the artists you are helping) so when it comes time to revisit the salary you’ll have solid evidence to back it up with.