Ports on the Nvidia Quadro M6000


Hey Everyone,

Let me know if this question should be moved to a different forum because it involves hardware.

I had an artist yesterday that was having issues interacting with her Maya scene. The scene took ten minutes to load, which made sense because it is really big. The scene took ten minutes to load on my box as well. However, she had to wait twenty minutes before she could manipulate the scene. I had to only wait for four or five minutes.

Our boxes are set up the same (same OS, Maya version, same drivers on the video card, etc.). We have Nvidia Quadro M6000 cards. However, my output cable (HDMI? Sorry, I am not a hardware person.) was plugged into a different port than hers. When we moved her cable to the same port as mine, she was able to interact with the scene two minutes after it had loaded!

Has anyone ran into this? Maybe the port she was plugged into recently was broken? She just went through a move, so maybe the card was damaged during the move.