Portfolio Review/Critique


Hey guys,

I’m a new grad out of the gate and I’m beginning the job hunt like most. I believe to consider myself a Technical Artist for games and have been focusing in Rigging/Animation as well. I’m curious if my portfolio accurately represents this or if it could use some more work and refinement, or if I should consider branding myself as something else altogether.

I really appreciate any thoughts, feedback, and critique.


Portfolio site: https://lazarusness.artstation.com/


I found your reel to be more interesting beyond the 25 second mark. Especially if you are targeting a rigging position, I would move or remove the first 25 seconds of the video. Also, you have enough experience on your resume that you can leave off the UPS job, and you probably should put a date of graduation (whether in the past, or expected).


Thanks mje, I appreciate the feedback! The majority of the first 25 seconds was to showcase my work through the Motion Capture technology pipeline, but it’s possible it might not come across too clearly as that. Definitely worth noting and looking into. And I agree with your points on the work experience and my graduation date, will update that as well.

Thanks again!


Yeah, that’s tough to show in a reel unless you have side by side video of the original. Perhaps just some text overlay explaining it?