Plague-time voice chats

Since so many of us are working from home during the current crisis, we’ve been considering whether to start a TAO Discord for folks who’s like to have voice chat to alleviate the boredom and isolation of working alone.

So – let us know how you feel. Should we spin up a tech-artists voice chat channel? Or are you more productive and less distracted with just slack?

  • I prefer the slack channel
  • Yeah, let’s do a discord
  • Let’s do a discord with video

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Switching between With or Without Video. I would enjoy Video every now and then, but not permanently. Which is also true for Audio heh.

Same as @instinct-vfx from me :slight_smile:

It would be interesting to put voices to your profiles though! :smiley:

Is there a way to have drop-in voice chats on Slack? I’m definitely in support of the idea conceptually but it seems that having TAO split across 3 locations (the forum, Slack and potentially Discord) could serve to fragment the discussion a little. Open to others’ thoughts though.

Sadly slack’s free tier restricts voice/video chats to 1on1, and only 15 people on the paid plan so not great overall.

Splitting the community is definitely a concern, which is why we wanted to reach out get some opinions / options from others.

I’m on Slack but personally I prefer Discord since it’s tied to just 1 account it’s easier to hop on the web app anywhere I go.

I don’t usually remember the Slack URL and only had it set up at home.


thanks to @bob.w for getting this set up

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Always glad to help the community.

So in deference to folks who are worried about potentially splitting the community between 3 possible spaces. I’ve disabled text chat for the time being.

If it turns out that this is a bit too tyrannical we can obviously change the rules.

I’m hopeful that this can be something similar to our GDC roundtables, except people can just drop in and out at anytime. (And we can’t throw the microphone cube at each other nearly as easily).

And if not that, hopefully we can at least entertain each other while various parts of the community are on lockdown.


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