Pivot Manager for Maya?


Is there an existing pivot manager for Maya?
Whether built-in or through script?

For reference, a “pivot manager” in C4D. I believer 3DS max also one built-in.

Shortcut d does it.
You can move and align the pivot. If you hold d and v you can snap it.


Yes, on any transform node, in the attribute editor menu, Edit → Channel Control.

In that list, under “Nonkeyable Hidden”, you’ll find Rotate Axis, Rotate Pivot Translate, Rotate Pivot, Scale Pivot, and Scale Pivot Translate. If you make those keyable, you can rig them up.

Using d to move the pivot doesn’t expose the information (as far as I know), if you need to animate or rig it.

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Thanks for the response.

RE: under “Nonkeyable Hidden
This is new to me. Thanks for sharing.

RE: Shortcut d does it.
Totally my fault for not specifiyiing further.
I know of D Hotkey. C4D also has a similar hotkey.

What I am specifically after is the ability to snap the pivot to the edge of the geo.
For example, in the video above, I just set the Y to -100% and the pivot snaps to the bottom of the geometry.

If I use the shortcut D. I have to eyeball it. I can snap it sure. But for complex geometries, I want it to snap to the bottom of the geo without thinking what is the most bottom part of the geo.

It also gives me peace of mind that it is indeed the bottom of the geo (or on any part of the geo).


When holding d+v, click on one of the manipulator axes, and it will constrain it to that axis. Click on Y, and X and Z will not be adjusted. Then you can snap to the bottom.

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Thanks for the response. I ended up going for the script solution as show in the video.