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Hey All!

I wanted to post this here to gather some feedback. The Shotgun team talks to a ton of studios and we see a lot of really interesting things happening in the world of studio pipelines. The idea has come up a few times now to try and share some of this knowledge with our general community, giving everybody better visibility on the trends that are forming, what tech is being adopted, and what problems are most prevalent. To make that happen, we’re sending out a survey to gather this info in a format that can be easily summarized and anonymized:


We’ll be sharing out a report of the anonymized results of the survey to everybody who fills it out, and we are planning on making this an annual survey so everybody can see how things in the industry are changing over time. We’ll close this survey at the end of March and will be sending out the report in early April.

If this is an interesting topic for you, we’d love to get your answers. The survey is also more valuable as more studios fill it out, so feel free to send it around.

Thanks for the help!

Kevin O’Neal
Product Manager - Shotgun

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