Painting BlendShape weights


Lets say I weighted my eyebrow with 3 joints ( inner, mid and outer joint) and I want to fire a blendshape but I have to separate that blendshape exactly according to my weight painting on joints. Is it possible?


Using UV is the default way in Maya, and the bad thing about that is no matter how high the resolution you export the deformer weight map, it will still not be the same. I’m not sure if you can export skin weight map and plug it into deformer map, but they all export as jpg or some picture file. So maybe that will work??


There are much better ways of getting the data than the UV space export. You can query and set the data directly using MEL or OpenMaya.
In Python, you’d want to use cmds.skinPercent to get the skin weights and cmds.setAttr to set the blendshape weights.

However, I think Lethendris is asking how to set up the connections in Maya so they can just paint the skin, and have the data pass through maya node connections to the blendshapes. And, without a plugin, I don’t think you can. That said, I think that’d be a pretty good plugin to write: Take the skin data, and separate it into deformer-pluggable weight outputs.


Exactly, but I could not find any info about where to connect things neither no one has created a plugin for that


You will want to look at


Thats something different, I cant extract those shapes in normalized manner