OSX compiler for Maya plugins


I finished Chad Vernon’s course on the Maya API this summer: https://www.cgcircuit.com/course/introduction-to-the-maya-api

I’ve used Visual Studio as my IDE of choice and haven’t had any problems going through the course material and compile all plugins just fine.
I am curious though: Can I build Maya plugins for OSX in Visual Studio or do I need to setup some other compiler? It would suck to get a Mac and have to use XCode for that because I don’t really own any Apple products (I do have a mac laptop at work though that I guess I could use).


This is complete speculation, but my guess is that yes, you’d need to use xcode, or at least the same general compiler toolchain that maya uses on the mac.


Newer versions of Visual Studio (Windows) have some level of support for cross-compiling to Mac, but it requires a networked Macintosh. I think all that is happening is VS is controlling XCode somehow. It’s all in support of the Xamarin cross-platform mobile stuff, but may be able to be repurposed( pure speculation).

There’s also Visual Studio for Mac (https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/vs/mac/) which is probably better than XCode.