Orlando Houdini User Group Meeting #11

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OHUG #11
Special Guest: Caleb Howard

The Orlando Houdini Users Group is proud to introduce Houdini Legend, Caleb Howard, Friday 10/8 @ 7:00pm EST.

If you are unfamiliar with Caleb then you are in for a treat. Caleb has the unique distinction as being the first Side FX demo artist, heralding all the way back from the PRIZMS day. Since then, Caleb has had a dizzying career working in the Off-line(film) and Real-time(video games) industries working for such companies as VIFX, Rhythm & Hues, Digital Domain and Electronic Arts.

Caleb had been a leader and a pioneer in the procedural community for over thirty years. If anyone understands the evolution of Houdini, proceduralism and artificial intelligence, Caleb would be that person. Bring all of your procedural, scientific and philosophical questions as Caleb probably has an insight to all of these avenues.

Please plan attending the next Orlando Houdini Users Group Meeting by registering at Meetup.com:Orlando Houdini Users Group Meeting #11 | Meetup

We will see all of you 10/8 at 7:00pm EST.