OpenMaya: Iterating over CVs (no iterator?)

I’ve been working extensively with OpenMaya (API 2.0) now for a couple weeks and I’ve come across a problem: There doesn’t seem to be a way to iterate over curve CV’s.

v2.0 of the API is what? 10 years old now? And yet MItCurveCV is missing in OpenMaya (but it’s there in the C++ API apparently).
I’ve tried using the MItSurfaceCV iterator instead, thinking that maybe Autodesk has been clever and combined these objects. However the creator for that one fails with (kInvalidParameter): Object is incompatible with this method.
…if you try and feed it the MDagPath node of a curve (it wants a NURBS surface!).

Either I am missing something obvious here or the sad fact is that even after a DECADE, the Maya Python API 2.0 is still NOT COMPLETE.

Seems that you have to use MItGeometry instead.
It does the work but it has silly limitations - like you can’t reset the iterator with a component MObject -_-
(Usecase: You wanna iterate over a sub-set of CV’s later on. Well you can’t - you have to make a new MItGeometry iterator from scratch with the original MDagPath object and a new component MObject with the specified components)