Older maya python script to maya 2017


Hi. I used to use on script quite often, but unfortunately it’s not compatible with newer maya.
Maybe it’s easy enough for some of you to take a look and maybe make it to work?

Script can be found in here and it’s free



From the looks of it, its just updating the UI to use PySide2 instead of PySide.
It shouldn’t be all that challenging to do.


You could also use Qt.py so the code will continue to work with both PySide and PySide2


Hi, thanks for the reply. I wish i could understand what you guys mean… I have zero scripting background.
Maybe you could explain a bit more what’s with the Qt.py and PySide2 UI?

-edit- tfox_TD, did you meant this one https://github.com/mottosso/Qt.py ? It looks interesting but how does it work?


Qt is a c++ ui framework. The Maya ui is written in Qt5, but it used to be written in Qt4. There are python hooks into Qt, that are (terribly) named PySide (for Qt4) and PySide2 (for Qt5).
The different Qt versions, though VERY similar, are not compatible with each other.
You will have to update the code to use PySide2 instead of PySide. There’s more to it than just adding some “2”'s in the python script though.

The issue is that if you make it work in PySide2, it won’t work in PySide any more. This is where Qt.py comes in. It looks like PySide2 code (so you still have to do the update), but will also work in Qt4.