Older Houdini version through Steam

So i’ve gone ahead and saved 20 bucks and got houdini through Steam! and now none of my plugins work since it auto updates to the latest version.

Does anyone know if there’s a way to get around this?

I believe you can still use versions installed from sidefx, you just have to point it at the license you get from the steam version.

But I could be wrong. @LaidlawFX might know more than I.

Assuming you bought the Houdini Indie license from Steam.

You have just bought a regular indie license instead of from their website directly.
This means you can just download and use the software from their regular site here:
Once your production build is installed, just make sure the license server connects. i.e. Houdini opens from this installed version.
Then uninstall the version from Steam.
The auto update should not break your plugins, that would be a bug, not sure if that is SideFX or Steams issue. I myself have never downloaded through steam so I can’t explain those details. Not sure it’s worth it for you to submit the bug. However since you have the indie license it is easier to just manage it through the SideFX website directly at this time.

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