New to Python in Maya


I am just getting started with Python in Maya, and am trying to set up an external IDE. It was suggested to me that Pycharm in conjuction with Mayacharm was a good combination, but it looks like MayaCharm is not longer being actively developed and is not compatible with the latest versions of Pycharm.

Could anyone suggest to me a solution or am I missing something with Pycharm? Perhaps an older version of Pycharm and MayaCharm is just fine? I run Maya 2019 and 2020 regularly.

I just use an older version of pycharm, worked well for me so far.

Not to be too old school, but it might be good to get started by learning how to handle the maya end of it from the script listener before getting too dependent on the IDE. Even nice solutions like MayaCharm tend to get confused once you have a lot of different files in play at once, it’s less confusing if you know how to manage things manually even if you use an IDE for development.

OTOH if you’re worried about all the typos and forgetting of names that come with early development learning you might want to try, which is a Maya plugin that makes the script listener itself more IDE-like.