New Section on the website: 'Looking for work'


I’ve added a new top-level category to the TAO website, #looking (short for ‘Looking for Work’). This is a place for individuals who are looking for work to post a short CV and links to their personal websites, demo reels, and other materials.

I’ve set the forum to auto-lock posts after one month – please don’t post again if your most recent post is still active. We don’t want people to start competing for scroll-space in the forum.

If you’re using the forum as a poster or if you’re looking for candidates please use PMs to communicate!
Don’t post email addresses or conduct conversations in a thread – we don’t want anybody to accidentally expose personal or business information. We’ll have to evolve the etiquette around commenting on other people’s posts – it might be appropriate if you wish to offer yourself as a reference but in general it’s probably best to just leave the posts to speak for themselves.

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