New Bind Pose on Semi-Skinned Rig



Hello All!

So, I am skinning a character rig.

Sculpted in TPose.
Costume simmed in VPose in Marvelous.

So I have Weight Painted the characters head, hands and feet, and moved the Rig into the VPose to Bind the clothes.

Trying to create a new BindPose on the rig using:

dagPose -bp -s -name “VeePose”;
which returns -
// Result: VeePose //

But if I try to restore the Pose using:
dagPose -bp -r -name “VeePose”;
it returns -
// Error: line 1: No dagPose found on the selected objects. //

Anyone know what I am doing wrong?


try this:
dagPose -r -n “VeePose”


YEAY! Thanks. That worked a treat!

Took me a while to respond as I was in Foreign Lands for Crimbo.