NCloth Combining Two Animations


Hello everyone, we are using Unity to develop a mobile game and I am rigging characters.

So our pipeline is after characters are animated in Maya, we render them out and send image sequences to Unity and basically a video is playing in the game as characters move.

I am a newbie about Unity, is it the most efficient way to animate?

And also we have characters which have cloths on them. I can use ncloth to simulate their cloths but according to pipeline, for example “Run” animation should continue with “Run > Die” animation and right now without ncloth, our animators match the last frame of “Run” with “Die” animation and we render separate file like “Run>Die” and play the video in game once user presses to the character.

Is it possible to simulate “Run” animation with nCloth and “Die” animation with another nCloth and blend them together?