MXSPyCOM execution error

Hello everybody,
I’m currently working on a python tool for 3ds max, and I’ve installed MXSPyCOM to execute code from VS code into 3ds max, since today, there were no problem.

Then suddently, I was tryng to debug something and this error occured: image

Then no more info is send to max and i’m not able to debug anymore, i’ve tryed:
Reset visual, uninstalled reinstalled visual, reset max, reboot computer without fast boot mode, run as administrator VS code + 3ds max 2019 + MXSPyCOM.exe +, together and separated.

If someone has alredy encounter this issue, I’m open to the discussion :smile:
Best regards,
Theo Bourille

Which release of MXSPyCom are you using? I’m confused by the expectation of Newtonsoft.json.dll for a few reasons:

  • The latest version is built against .NET Core 3.x so any json parsing would be done with native .NET assemblies, not a 3rd party dll
  • I don’t remember ever using Newtonsoft.Json in MXSPyCOM
  • I’m fairly certain MXSPyCOM doesn’t parse any json files.

Hello, thanks for replying,
I am using the last version right now but I tryed with an older one too
So you don’t have any idea of what is going on at least at your tool level?

Right off the top of my head, no, I’m not sure what is going on. The error makes very little sense to me. There is no mention of either “newtonsoft” or the word “json” in the source code. The only thing I can thing of is that the only 3rd party package MXSPyCOM relies upon, Westwind Utilties, includes a reference to Newtonsoft JSON.

You said MXSPyCOM was working and then stopped?

Yes I was making my tool, it was working fine until I decides to restart 3ds to update a script and and gone since then I only got this error whether or not 3ds is open