MotionBuilder Python Utils [Visual Studio Code Extension]


I’ve been working on a VS Code extension to assist when writing python code for MotionBuilder,
Figured I’ll make a post about it here since there may be some people who might find it useful.

Extension: MotionBuilder Utils - Visual Studio Marketplace


Execute Code

Run code in MotionBuilder directly from within the editor

execute code in MB demo

The selected text will be executed, if nothing is selected the entire document will be executed.

Intellisense / Auto-Completion

This extention comes with improved stub files for the pyfbsdk module.

Better auto-completion demo

  • Feature complete (contains all of the functions & classes that can be accessed in the pyfbsdk module)
  • Variable type annotations
  • Readable descriptions


Attach VS Code to MotionBuilder to debug your scripts, set breakpoints & step through the code.

Better auto-completion demo

Browse the Documentation

Quickly search through the documentation from within the editor, and open the page in a new web-browser tab.

Browse docs demo



I’ve been trying to get this feature working in PyCharm like Maya in PyCharm, but it’s buggy!

I do have access to VS and will need to give this a try!

This is awesome! Thank you for your generosity!

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Interesting, I’ve never gotten around to try out PyCharm myself so I’m not sure if this would be of any help, but the source code for this extension is available here (mainly written in TypeScript):

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