MotionBuilder gets all the names of the scene

At present, I am developing a plug-in about MB, which needs to get the scene or the name of the merge file. I searched a lot of materials, but failed to find the answer. So I put forward this question, hoping to get an acceptable answer here


To get the current scene name, you can use:
scene_name = pyfbsdk.FBApplication().FBXFileName

You may want to try using a callback to get the name of a merged scene. When a scene is merged, your callback will intercept that call and then you can query the merged in scene name from there.

This is just to get the name of the model, I want to get the name of all of its children, probably recursively, and I can’t get the name of all of its children to print out at the moment, do you have a good idea?

Let’s say all the names in the red box

If I understand correctly, you want to see whats in the FBX before merging. Your best bet is FBX SDK.