Motion Capture


Hey guys. My company is looking for a portable motion capture system (Moven, Measurand, etc.) I’d like to know if any of you guys have experimented or even used some of these non-optical mocap systems. Are there any you can recommend, or even list the downsides of non-opticals?

We’re looking to just have something simple on site to test out different ways characters can move, without having to rely on our outsourcers to generate ‘tests’ for us.


One of our partner companies uses the Gypsy IGS-190 I have not heard anything negative about it yet. I should be able to get more details next week for you.


Hey Leo got some more details for you.

The team seems to really like the IGS-190 they said it was easy to get up and going right out of the box. It does have problems with jumps and fast high impact animations which require a good amount of clean up. Which most non-optical motion capture does have problems with. Also the cables did appear to be kind of a cheap material and can get in the way sometimes.


Thanks! We’ll go ahead and look at this. We were also looking at MVN, they had a demo here and it was very interesting.


Remember to look at MotionBuilder for your processing needs:)