MoBu Custom Property Blends

Hey everyone! Can anyone tell me if there is a way to get Custom Properties to correctly blend on a Generic Animation track in Story?

We’re dealing with performance capture coming back with custom properties on nulls and joints for facial animation and stuff like session timecode but any blending of these clips in Story results in those properties flat-lining during the duration of the blend rather than… well, blending. A ‘blend’ is certainly possible if you plot it down and manually delete the flat keys but we’d love to avoid that babysitting.

Is this an actual limitation of MoBu(2014) or am I missing something really obvious?

Thanks all

That looks like a bug. Sent it to Autodesk on Twitter since the “submit a bug page” had a bug.

Interesting! I suppose I’m glad its fixable but too bad that there is probably little hope of getting a fix soon enough to matter on this project.

HA! Well, I guess that’s one way to keep your bug counts down!

Thanks for helping!