Mirrored Controls in MotionBuilder

Has anyone made a mirrored control setup in Motionbuilder before so that translating two controls in the X axis at the same time will move the controls in opposing directions? In Maya, you can set the scale to -1 in the axis you want to mirror to achieve this, but Motionbuilder seems to behave differently when moving multiple objects at the same time. It’s almost as if it only cares about the orientation of the last selected object.

Thank you.

I vaguely remember this being exactly the case.

Okay, thanks for confirming. I’m going to pose one side and have a tool to mirror selected controls for now. Maybe in the future something can be done with relation constraints.

Is there a reason you aren’t using the pose mirror function?

The -scale parent works in MotionBuilder if you edit the values in the properties tab or graph editor, just not the manipulator.

Can also keyframe the one side, then copy/paste the key to the other “mirrored” node and have it update to the correct pose.

??? Any luck with getting this working

Thanks for the suggestions. I didn’t have luck using pose mirror on two opposing effectors in a single extension. I saw results when I pasted in full body mode, but nothing happened in selection mode. Maybe I need to make sure the extension is setup properly. I did have success copying and pasting the local trs values and flipping the proper axis like you mentioned though. I still need to test moving the effectors in the properties tab with - scale.

You will want two extensions… a right and left so they can mirror.

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