Mini UDK tutorials: hand written text, fake refraction, ice, radial UVs

I’ve been making some new videos. So, I thought I’d put them here as well:

Fake refraction and iceberg material:


Radial UVs:


Hand written text. This one was rushed(I was quite nervous too) but it shows the technique completely:


This one isn’t a tutorial but my entry for the Escape contest at polycount. I made all the assets in the scene too:


I hope these are useful. I’d also love any kind of feedback.

On a side note, I need a job. Any insight on that matter is also extremely welcome!

Thanks for looking :slight_smile:

EDIT: I guess I should’ve asked some questions about the job thing :slight_smile:

Do you think any company would be interested in this kind/level of work? If so, what company?

BTW I know I need a website and a demoreel first. I’m working on those :slight_smile: