mGear - Industry acceptance, and do you like it

Hello all,

I’ve been curious about mGear for quite some time, and from someone whose only dabbled in it, I like what I see. Plus it’s open source, it’s code looks tight, it’s constantly updated, it’s available in both Python 2 and 3, rigs resolve in real time lighting quick, support for HIK, etc. But how is the industry accepting it. Are major studios using it? Is it performing well? How do you guys like it?

We’re at a point where we can make big decisions about our pipeline, so I’m looking at all options from all angles so this is useful info.


Overall, mGear is great, but the one small downside of it, is that it requires it’s own custom plugins to work, which can be a bit of a trouble when we work with a few other contractors or external studios.

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