MayaToolbox Sharing (Link Fixed)



Github: (MIT license)

I work for virtuosgames and have been a newbie technical artist in character team for one year, I thought it’s a good idea to contribute to the community and challenge myself for writing better code, so I spent some time at home to build this tool.

I wrote some quite original functions like Rope/Braid generator , Check UV Bleed, Move Out Overlapping UV, Reverse ( if you see it reversed), ResetPf ( which makes your maya reset itself, while keeping your hotkeys and shelf setting), Quick Export, etc. More wip.

You can help me:

  1. Giving me feedbacks.
  2. Giving interesting thoughts about new functions you need.
  3. Recommend it to artists who need those functions.

Here is a snapshot:

Welcome to my document website to see more snapshots:


Fixed startup problem, Sorry for the inconvenient~ :slight_smile: If you’ve tested and failed before, please try again!! It’ll work.


Links doesn’t work for me.


Thanks for your reply! I didn’t notice there is a typo!!! Fixed


@xgits You should probably get a license of some sort applied to your repo, otherwise it can be unsafe for others to take advantage of your code.

Keep in mind that if you’ve included any code from other sources, that you have to abide by the rules of those specific licenses when it comes to how you license your collection of tools.


Done! Thanks for reminding , it is MIT.


MIT is a nice one, that’s my usual go-to