Maya vs MODO in Rigging



I just saw MODO Rigging Master Course with Rich Hurrey and I was wondering if it is worth buying.

Do you think modo is good for rigging?


I’ve done some basic rigging for Maya in the past and I’m starting to get into modo rigging right now and I can tell that modo does have some very nice rigging features (command regions, channel handles, selection redirection, click handlers, etc.).
Back in the days, I could have only dreamed of these things to exist in Maya.
Can’t comment on the whole robustness of things – need to do some much more complex setups.


I’ll caveat my reply with the fact that i have only played with Modo - I have never used it in earnest.

On the whole, i absolutely love modo. It feels solid and intuitive - i never feel lost either in the application or within what I am doing. I think the concept of the noodle graphs and workspaces is far more organised and easier to follow visually than the Maya node graph.

I have no idea if you have ever used Softimage, but Modo feels like a mix between Softimage and Maya in that respect. Though I would be the first to admit that my like for modo might be swayed by my like for Softimage.

I have downloaded almost every demo of each release of modo after the last three years and the only things from holding me back really utilising it and diving in deeper is the performance of the skin editing and animation. I found that editing deformer weights on a per deformer basis was absolutely fine, but taking a sphere and adding 150 joints to the envelope, then attempting to smooth weights using all influences would be incredibly slow to the point where its barely usable. This type of functionality was always out the box with Softimage, and exposed really nicely with ngSkinTools in Maya. Thus is fantastic that its built-in with Modo, but until the performance improves its a bit of a blocker for me.

That aside, the tdsdk is beautiful. Max and Maya can take a note from that! Simple and ridiculously intuitive. Its plugin architecture takes a little more involvement to get into, but thats pretty standard for any application.

Is it worth buying? That depends on what you want to do with it I guess. Its a really inclusive community, so it would not hurt to dive in!