Maya: Use another folder for my textures than the sourceimages folder

Ok, I’m not sure where exactly to post this.
But I feel a bit confused. I’ve never liked the name “sourceimages” to use to store my textures so I’ve activley created a “textures” folder instead. Basically all my projects only have a “scenes” folder and “textures” folder. Of course I also have “workplace.mel” file.
But I’ve been experiencing some inconsistencies due to the fact that my “textures” folder is not referenced in my “workplace.mel” file.
Now, I’m not sure exactly how it works, should I add a new rule under Custom Data Locations, named “textures”, and then point to “textures” which is the name of my folder? Or should I replace “sourceimages” with “textures”

At this point I need to change many workplace.mel files…
I suppose it would be saner to just go on with life and use “sourceimages” as is the standard…
Anyone here who use their own custom folder structure and naming conventions?

You should be able to rename sourceImages to textures in your workspace.mel and it will point at that folder instead.
Now if you’re working with others, they also need to do that, which can be annoying (especially if everyone has a better name)

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Thank you.
But yes, it’s a bit unnecessary…
I think I’ll just get rid of this post altogether… :roll_eyes:

No need to get rid of the post, might help someone else in the future.