Maya USD v0.1.0

Looks like its ready for testing.

Did a short video on how to load the Nvidia Attic USD Stage and install the Maya Plugin.


Super cool.

I am trying the plugin with the data set from sidefx :

Are you able to select an object in USD hierarchy and frame it in the viewport? When I try it, the entire USD scene is framed!!

I think you need to named “shapes” in the outliner to see individual items.

New Version 0.2 + installer is now available.

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From the Vision Series

Version 0.4 is ready.

This release installer enables the following functionality in Maya 2020.2

  • 3rd party material translators are now supported
  • usdPreviewSurface now exists as a Maya material node.
  • Material Export UI improvements.
  • Conversion of preview surface to Maya native shaders.

Some numbers.

And a new plugin version.

New Version is online.

Latest update.

0.8 is ready.

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Maya USD Webinar.

Overview about USD at Autodesk.

Maya 2022 doe now come with an USD installer!

Just in case you are searching for the UFE documentation.

Live QA

V0.9 is ready!

Beginners Guide

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