[Maya] shapeNodes gets randomly renamed after export?



I have a several curves that I would like to export. I am using a script based on names so I would like the transformNode and shapeNode match.

However, when I export it gets renamed randomly.
You can see an illustration video here:

There are errors on FBX export but none relate to the curves such as

    Constraint exports failed
    Unsupported constraints export failed

My curves are not driven or a driver of constraints.

Is there a way around this?

Thank you for looking at the problem.


I am not familiar with any way around this. Many things get renamed on FBX export, likely to generalize objects as they are being converted from DCC objects to FBX scene objects. If you really need to preserve the names you could mark up your objects with attributes and rename them in a post process running python FBX SDK.

Regarding your errors there are many things that FBX does not support that are specific to each DCC. You will get errors if you are trying to export these things. What you are exporting as FBX in your example will likely almost never be useful as FBX. You are better off using standard Maya ASCII or Binary if you so chose.


Thanks for the explanation. That makes sense. Will save them to .ma instead if I can.